The Team

Every team member understands their influence on the development of the company.

About Our Team

Our Manifesto

We celebrate and reward the unique skills, backgrounds, opinions, and talents of our people. We believe people work better when their relations are based on trust. At Terratino® we are working not just for business but making sure that everyone feels like a part of the family. We consider every team member and every client as our partners in creating value.


...are open to new ideas and always ready to grow.

...are keeping up with the trends to get stronger. the successful examples and try to be different.

...are bold in what we do to meet the wildest expectations.

...are Terratino® where everyday is a chance to become better

Terratino® PRO

We are a Design, Branding, and creative services company based in Dallas, Texas, founded in 2013 by Kenneth Chavarría, Andrea Chavarría, and Guillermo Garzón. Our focus is Branding based on Design Thinking with a strategic creative direction for public personas and commercial clients in the real estate, lending, and home services market. Our expertise in Branding as a marketing strategy is propped by over 15 years of experience developing iconic brands for Hispanic companies worldwide.

We work closely with creative visionaries and companies that want to disrupt their markets with an approach different from using standard and straightforward business models but telling stories, educating people, and challenging their establishment trusting their vision.

Together we form a collective of account executives, art directors, creative strategists, designers, photographers, social media specialists, and producers, with resources and insights to solve functional and technical challenges while expanding creative ambitions and amplifying our clients’ visibility. This collaborative approach ensures that the right people are working on your project at all times.